toro newreleaseSPRINGFIELD — As rent prices continue to skyrocket, State Senator Natalie Toro is working to keep Illinoisans in their homes by implementing rent control policies to better protect tenants.  

“Fifty percent of renters in my city are paying more than 30% of their income in rent, leaving little leftover for other essential expenses,” said Toro (D-Chicago). “We need to fight to keep families in their homes, and I look forward to spearheading the initiative to do so.”  

Rent control limits the amount a landlord can raise a tenant’s rent at the end of their lease, which is usually tied to the rate of inflation. With gradual rent increases that are common under rent control, tenants are able to stay in their homes for multiple years. However, the General Assembly passed the Rent Control Preemption Act in 1997, which prohibits local governments from passing rent control ordinances. This legislation has resulted in rent prices rising at exponential rates that outpace any increases in residents’ wages, making rent a larger financial burden for households and frequently forcing relocation.

Senate Bill 3484 would repeal the Rent Control Preemption Act, allowing local governments to begin adopting rent control policies. With rent control in practice, the nearly 1.6 million tenants across the state who live in rental properties will no longer face radical increases when renewing their lease, providing them more housing and financial stability. 

“Rent control will protect tenants from experiencing financial hardship that could uproot them from their communities,” said Toro. “I am proud to work to reinstate this life-changing measure in our state to help ease the financial burden on our working families.”

Senate Bill 3484 awaits further discussion in the spring session.