SAFE T ActCHICAGO — State Senator Natalie Toro released the following statement in response to the Illinois Supreme Court’s ruling on the pretrial release portions of the SAFE-T Act:

“I applaud today's landmark decision by the Illinois State Supreme Court upholding provisions of the SAFE-T Act that finally clear the way for Illinois to be the first state to end cash bail.

“For far too long, the cash bail system has given the wealthiest an unfair advantage within our criminal legal system. The SAFE-T Act takes the first steps to make our criminal legal system one that actually stands for justice, ensuring all folks are truly treated as innocent until proven guilty and granted the same freedoms regardless of their access to economic resources. 

“I am proud that our state’s highest court prioritized public safety over wealth in their decision. I stand with the grassroots organizers who have fought for vulnerable communities for decades in their work to eliminate cash bail. This movement has led to a monumental win in reforming our criminal legal system to stand for justice, which is just the beginning of more reforms to come.” 

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